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Information Technology and Telecommunications by Health by and for the City.

Information Technologies open up new horizons for health care and the relationship between professionals and citizens. Since its founding, competitive techniques has been dedicated to providing services and product development within the framework of the Information Technology and Communication, especially in the field of Health. We offer our Vision supported Comprehensive Health Information Systems, R & D and diagnostic technology in a wide range of solutions and services.

Our solutions and services

  • Provide health care by and for the City, generating new forms of care to meet their needs with a high degree of satisfaction.
  • Health professionals facilitate the organization of their own functional units, optimizing resources allocated to them, besides promoting their training and facilitating the communication of information and knowledge between all levels of the health network.
  • Make extensive use of new technologies to make the Health Strategy visible, providing managers with tools that are easy to use, flexible and secure for the planning and management of the same.

We offer IT Solutions and Services

  • Health Card
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Electronic Health Record
  • Electronic Prescription
  • Citizen Web Portal
  • Management of Health Centers

Other services such as telemedicine, Remav, Wills, temporary disability, Business Intelligence, BI Public Health

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