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Infrastructures and Telecommunications

Técnicas Competitivas is dedicated to offering services and product development within the information and communication technologies realm, specializing in the maintenance of networks and mobile communication systems, more specifically, in the field of security, emergency and civil defense.

We encompass our services to those organizations that require secure communications and mobility.

Mobile communications is an essential technology for today's society

The gradual overstep from analog communications to those of digital nature, opens up new possibilities that were unimaginable until now. Mobile communication systems were not available commercially until the end of the 20th century. The Nordic countries, pioneered by putting in place mobile communication systems, geolocation (GPS), private mobile networks or trunking systems.

Advanced mobile telephone systems were the next milestone, to be followed by digital mobile telephony, personal agendas, portable computers, minicomputers and a myriad of devices ready to connect via radio with other devices or networks. And finally, we have undergone the merger between mobile communications and Internet, the true turning point.

IT solutions for telecommunications

At Técnicas Competitivas we are experts in the most widespread mobile communications services, like terrestrial public mobile communication, satellite mobile communication, private mobile networks, TETRA networks, the radio-messaging, GPS geolocation, WiFi wireless communications, WiMAX and mobile Internet access.

We offer the following services:

  • PMR networks, for emergencies, transportation and public services.
  • Wireless WiFi and WiMAX networks.
  • PMR gateways - mobile telephony, R&D+i growth in collaboration with "Genaker", a mobile communications company.
  • Telecommunications consulting.

Our holistic vision on mobile and secure communications, based on IT systems and R&D

  • Enabling access: For and by everybody to the benefits and communications resources.
  • Safety: Ensuring privacy, protecting information and maintaining its confidentiality, integrity and availability.
  • Coordination: Connecting and integrating different groups efficiently.
  • Efficiency and effectiveness: improved processes, control on spendings, knowledge sharing and best practices.
  • Visibility: Changes and improvements directly applicable to public services.

How can I obtain more information or a quote?

Contact us today for detailed information and a customized offer adapted to your organizational needs.

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