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Agenda Management. Appointment Scheduling Services

The appointment scheduling service solution is designed to have an agenda management system in place to help health care professionals allocate customer service resources to any area required, thus allowing a complete parameterization of all functions.

The system allows you to:

  • schedule the work of any health care professional.
  • set aside time for travelling, vacations or any other reason.
  • re-schedule a professional's pending appointments from one day to another or even to other professionals.
  • work with fixed or variable scheduled time slots.
  • obtain multiple reports and statistics both for the professional and the administrative body.

Between the citizen and the health care system: multi-channel appointment scheduling

  • Unique phone number.
  • Web portal for appointment scheduling.
  • Text messaging and DTT.
  • In person.

Between the health care system and the citizen

  • Health center.
  • The Professional's office.
  • Emergency services.
  • Specialized health care.

Our appointment-scheduling model is very flexible as it allows for the configuration of the assistance activity mode for schedules in organized appointment groups or open appointment groups, linked to different appointment types with variable time spans. The schedules are used to offer the ability of containing more than one appointment type or block by default, which will run sequentially to the generation process of free gaps for appointment scheduling. Another feature is the ability to limit the number of appointments per day and appointment types, in order to avoid overloading the schedules with mid or long-term events that may cause an imbalance in the service supply and subsequent waiting lists.

The schedule management allows you to define:

  • office hours (Planning).
  • standard or specific appointment types of fixed time spans.
  • organized appointment groups (administrative, request, agreed) or with open blocks.
  • specific informative messages.
  • assignment, linking of schedules.
  • reservation of time spans.
  • exceptions to the office hours.
  • linking of several schedules for joint activities.
  • the valid time period of a schedule.

How to get more information or a budget

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