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Electronic Prescription


We offer a solution for electronic prescriptions by tying pharmacies into the prescription system of health care systems. Pharmacies join the prescription system to complete the prescription-dispensation cycle, allowing to have detailed real time information available about the prescribed and dispensed drugs.

Such a system, allows us to improve the treatment cycles, avoiding the patient going back to the health center once again, improving assistance and eliminating consultation appointments for that sole purpose which are only time consuming but provide no benefit to the patient. The implementation of electronic prescriptions divides the dispensing process into a "before and after", and offers the responsible bodies an extremely valuable tool for drug management and abuse prevention.

  • Citizens: Obtain a service quality improvement, allowing them to retrieve the authorized drug treatments directly from the pharmacy while avoiding formalities.
  • Primary care professionals: have a system for assisted prescribing by incorporating measures (effectiveness-adequacy, safety and treatment efficiency), to make "rational use of medicine" as defined by the health care service.
  • Pharmacists: Establish a direct communication channel between prescriber and the dispenser enforcing real time notification of incidents (both drug and non-drug related) through the use of technologies applied to the prescription and dispensation processes.
  • Administrators: Can access information related to prescriber-patient and the dispenser (decision making).

Main modules

Administrative tasks by the practitioner

This module allows the system access with the practitioner's activated and operating digital certificate for issuing prescriptions.

  • Prescription cycle determination.
  • Drug selection, with automatic calculation of the number of containers for a given cycle.
  • Management of printing and signing of the electronic prescriptions, with the possibility of fetching any drug to be printed out through the issuance process of electronic prescriptions.
  • Within the process, the practitioner may modify the dates of dispensation of different drugs that make up the prescription.
  • Issuance of copies of treatment plans,  in case of a loss, by the general service of the health care center

Pharmacy Management

The pharmacist can make use of a management system accessible through a web portal that facilitates the dispensation.

The pharmacist, once authenticated, queries for the patient and the treatment plan. The system manages total and/or partial dispensations according to the plan and executes the corresponding block of dispensed drugs.

Likewise, the pharmacist can communicate any information to the practitioner over the system. The practitioner will see this information the next time he/she examines the medical history of the patient in question.

There is support for those cases when the system experiencing downtime, to avoid the inability of dispensing drugs.

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