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PORTAL-WEB was created to respond to the need of "electronic access for citizens to public services"

The current trend takes into account the citizen right to interact via electronic media with public administrations, ensuring availability, access, integrity, authenticity, confidentiality and data storage, information and services managed within the boundaries of their authority.

It offers users a service by which they can access their primary health care medical records online. In the records, which they will be provided with 24/7, on demand, they will have information related to their treatments, diagnostics, vaccines, allergies, habits and other related data.

Since the information contained in the medical record is personal, confidential and private, this health application requires a recognized digital certificate to access the service, for the endorsement and validation of the user's identity. The digital certificate must be issued by a recognized certification authority, allowing for a secure and standardized way to identify who the citizen accessing the information is, in order to avoid fraud or identity forgery.

It offers the following services:

  • Information about your electronic medical record.
  • Information on drug treatment.
  • Information about your appointments.
  • Frequently asked questions.
  • General document knowledge base related to patient problems.


How to get more information or a budget

Ask for more details and an offer adapted to the needs of your organization.

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