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Administration of Health Care Centers with Social Services


GARASS (software for managing health care centers with social services) has been conceived from the outset to meet the management needs of elderly homes and hospitals for chronically ill patients, through an information system that facilitates processes in direct support for the users of different profiles: health care professionals, administrative staff, health care center management and so forth.

The system consists of two perfectly integrated subsystems, which fulfil their management cycle of management of a health care center with social services:

  • Medical record, manages everything related to the health of the patient.
  • Administrative management, controls and maintains the actual management of the center from the administrative point of view (bed management, resident control, etc.).


  • Longitudinality: Relationship between professionals and patients, allowing the monitoring of their health problems.
  • Continuity: The care planning to ensure the monitoring of the restoration of the health process.
  • Quality: Providing continuous care auditing for the professional.
  • Result in restoring to health: Linking the care interventions with the patient's health transitions.
  • Rational use of resources: Through mechanisms that facilitate the cost calculation of decisions.

Main functionalities

  • Documentation of provided care.
  • Referral to other health care centers. Applications for complementary tests and external consultations.
  • Legal medical activities. Health certificates.
  • Management of beds.
  • Management of patients.
  • Care accessibility and continuity.
  • Care quality improvement.
  • Facilitation of multidisciplinary teamwork.
  • Epidemiological research.
  • Safety and reduction of maintenance costs.
  • Reminder on service quality standards.
  • Possibility of automatic evaluation of the universe of study.

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