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PMR Gateway - Mobile telephony

PIPO: A unique and affordable solution to interconnect PMR and PoC networks

The PIPO solution provides PMR (Private Mobile Radio) and PoC (Push to Talk over Cellular), network interconnection, regardless to the technology that each client group uses, providing complementary groups with a "unique and affordable" radio over conventional mobile phones solution in the market .

At last, different bodies of the same or different organizations are able to coordinate and communicate in groups and in real time, regardless of the terminal and the operator. In particular, it provides security and emergency forces and groups of complementary services such as Civil Defense, voluntary forest rangers, private ambulances, public road & highway maintenance service, etc., the possibility of coordinating themselves using their own radio telephone technology or turning their cell phones into walkie-talkies.

PIPO is an R&D+i development in collaboration with Genaker, funded through the "Avanza Plan" by the "Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade" within the national plan of "Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation 2008-2011".

Our solution ensures:

  • Cost saving in network investment. PIPO leverages the existing network, allowing the subscription of new user groups, without having to expand the network (new repeaters or frequencies, etc.), or the transport network (coverage research and radio links, etc.).
  • Cost saving on device purchases, operation, maintenance and training. PIPO allows you to maintain an optimal, rate-based client OPEX. As the solution takes advantage of the cell phone GSM/3G network, you can deploy it onto existing devices.
  • Better coverage and operational capacity in wider geographical areas: with the gateway you can communicate with any user who has mobile internet access, anywhere in the world, at any time, either to coordinate ground forces or to execute officer orders.
  • Improvement in the efficiency of the operational safety and management who finally have the ability to communicate in groups and real time.

Demo video: