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Telecommunications consulting

The development of the information society is forcing all public administrations and companies to review the completeness of their rented telecommunications services. Technological convergence leads to change in the concepts of voice, data and image networks, as they have been known up to a few years ago.


The introduction of digitization transforms the concept of "network" into a unique one and, therefore, the type of information or format traveling through it is independent. There is an increasing trend for the networks to provide services for all of the needs of information exchange, that requires an institution to users or employees thereof, becoming secondary if voice is transmitted over fixed or mobile devices, data over PCs or mobile devices, access to management applications, access to the internet, etc.


On the other hand, since December 1998, we have seen the privatization of the whole telecommunications services with a subsequent cost reduction and the introduction of new services in many cases. This situation has been gradually driven forward by different institutions, like the CMT (commission for the telecommunications market) and various telecommunications bodies are promoting not only the increased use of these technologies, but also actions that are aimed at the lowering of prices.


Técnicas Competitivas offers consultancy on all telecommunications services (voice, data and video networks, according to the scenario) available to an institution or organization in order to identify:

  • Possible technical improvements to be addressed in the future.
  • Cost study of the services and identification of cost saving or increased service delivery points.
  • Identification of possible substitutions of services by own equipment (fiber optic or other transmission systems), according to the scenario.
  • Definition of minimum criteria for a re-engagement of these services and ways to tackle it, as well as the elaboration of the specifications necessary for public bidding for different telecommunication services, if so decided by the institution.
  • Technical support throughout the study of the various bids received by the institution or organization, in case of tendering for procurement of the aforementioned services.


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