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Security and Emergency Control Centers

Emergency planning, requires an organizational and functional system able to mobilize human and material resources in situations that endanger the lives of persons, goods and the environment. In order to organize and coordinate the required means, it is necessary to have in place communication systems and to know the geographical location as well as the largest possible amount of data, allowing to perform, with guarantees, the prevention or care of any type of emergency.


  • Integrated communication system.
  • Emergency management from within the application integrator.
  • Parameterization or customization based on the needs.
  • Connectivity with other applications: AVL and GESEM (emergency management software) location system, developed by Técnicas Competitivas.


  • Communication interfaces by means of IP gateways through integrating various communications systems (PMR, TETRA, E1, GSM, etc.)
  • Number of operators is modular and scalable, offering the possibility of remote sites.
  • Digital VoIP voice recorder: the communications platform enables all audio to be recorded.
  • Distributed infrastructure allowing to upscale the system and increase its reliability.

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