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Governing Bodies

The Governing Bodies system is a support tool for managing administrative bodies of civil servants, where actions are validated during meetings by responsible persons of different internal agencies, in which the presented matters are discussed and approved by the participants and, in many cases, with prior evaluation and preparation of these matters from former meetings to actual decision making, by one level below the executive.

Issues to be addressed

Provide the executive agency with a support tool for their work, complying with the following premises:

  • Have the necessary information available for meetings in a fast and up-to-date fashion and accessible by all actors.
  • Send invitations.
  • Notify on the agenda.
  • Manage information.
  • Preformatted meeting minutes.
  • Communicate the necessary information to intended bodies.
  • New possibilities.

Planned improvements

Progress in the implementation of information technologies in public or private organizations, having at their disposal an associated decision-making governing body.

  • Internet as a system manager.
  • All information in electronic format.
  • Notifications via email, text messages, web environment.
  • Use of digital certificates, replacing the handwritten signature.
  • Information available to stakeholders in any place, at any time.
  • Outright elimination of paper use and decision-making, with the computer as a management tool.
  • Information exchange between preparatory and final meetings.

New possibilities

The management systems for governing bodies and professional associations offer the following features:

  • Setting up of meetings.
  • Record provision for the meeting.
  • Agenda creation and communication.
  • Record information from other non-presenting parties.
  • Meeting with online information.
  • Possibility to create, automatically, the record or via external document provision.
  • Distribution of records and certificates required in different processes.
  • Sending of communications.

Available features

Establish all the necessary processes using technologies in order to:

  • Reduce administrative time.
  • Get to conduct meetings without physical presence, making use of IT tools.
  • Detailed online information at any time, even within the own committees.
  • Support from online advisers for clarifications.
  • Automatic connection with communication or publishing agencies.
  • Immediate information available to the user (client).


How to get more information or a budget

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