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Job Placement

Every business in this industry holds a database of jobseekers that is queried as soon as a need arises to cover a job requiring a determined profile. This process, being a fundamental part in a broker company, can be very tiresome and, very often, not very objective when serving plenty of job seekers.


Labour Broker Systems focus on the execution of the matching process between offers and seekers, using criteria of similarity that obtain a completely objective and comparative result, suggesting, in first place, the most suitable applicants followed by those who are close to the requested profile. This way, the offerer can conduct a selection and recruitment process.


Técnicas Competitivas has developed a broker system, which manages the matching process as well as the monitoring of the entire administrative brokerage process.


The system is not only suitable for placement agencies, but it is also very useful for companies dedicated to project based high work volumes and staff renting (cleaning, safety, dependency services, etc.), having a large workforce that may be or not hired, thus facilitating the selection and search of profiles fitting their customer demands.


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