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Data Center

At Técnicas Competitivas we are experts in the design and implementation of data centers.


The term "data center" comprises the dependencies and associated systems, by means of which, the data is stored and distributed to the employees or processes that are authorized for data queries and/or modification. The servers housing the information are operated under optimal environmental conditions.


Depending on the outcome of the assessment of each customer's needs, the resulting design proposals shall consider factors such as the following:

  • The customer's budgeted spendings, as well as the chosen amortization period.
  • Equipment performance and expected consumption growth.
  • The maintenance model and support level to be established for the determination of the redundancy scope of the subsystems to be installed.

While the technical aspects are fundamental in the assessment carried out, we also take into account other aspects aimed at saving, cost effectiveness and efficiency:

  • The implementation of vital modules, guaranteeing service continuity at the same level.
  • Obtaining optimal effectiveness and cost reduction through energy efficiency, introducing concepts and technologies to achieve net clean energy and the PUE objective (Power Usage Effectiveness).
  • Accident risk assessments in facilities in order to assess the amount of investment to mitigate them.
  • Risk reduction with the purpose of lowering insurance fees.
  • Existing laws to identify critical points that need to be resolved.
  • A data center that exhibits the level of seriousness and technology of your company. We care about your companies image and how to make your investment profitable.


In conclusion, Técnicas Competitivas takes into consideration any element playing a role in a data center; civil works, infrastructures, mechanical, electrical and communications systems and so forth, allowing for a complete design.


Therefore, our services include the following:

  • CONSULTATION SERVICES: placement, distribution of spaces, availability, energy savings, general requirements, optimization and return on investment.
  • Design: TIA-942 and ISO11801 standards, optimized air conditioning systems, technologies, safety and monitoring.
  • IMPLEMENTATION: project management, implementation, quality control, testing, maintenance planning, etc.

How to get more information or a budget

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