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Call and Contact Center

Our call/contact center is designed to intelligently manage a large number of incoming and/or outgoing calls, providing an optimal service, offering the users a tool for communication and efficient customer relationship.


In order to achieve this, we provide our customers with a multi-channel portal (phone, text messages, internet, DTT (digital terrestrial television), etc.) allowing them to:

  • manage incoming and outgoing calls.
  • support our customers in those processes of little value by adding them for your company's core business.
  • SMS messaging services.

We provide the following services: 

  • Outbound calls:

o   Capturing and retaining customers.

o   Promotional campaigns and telemarketing.

o   Database updating campaigns.

o   Collection management.

  • Inbound calls: 

o   Customer service.

o   Virtual Secretary.

o   Taking and processing of orders.

o   Appointment scheduling service for independent contractors.

o   24/7 emergency services.

o   Appointment scheduling services for queue elimination (trucks, wholesale, etc.).


Since 2011, we are both ISO 27001 (information security management system) and ISO 20000-1 (information technology service management system) certified. Our company applies these in the areas of information system maintenance, infrastructure management and maintenance, as well as customer relationship centers (contact center), which allows us to guarantee our clients with maximum security in data handling.

How to get more information or a budget

Ask for more details and an offer adapted to the needs of your organization.

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