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Appointment Scheduling

Project – Unified Management of Diaries for scheduling an appointment with the different professionals in the Healthcare Centers of the Canary Islands Health Service.

Client – Canary Islands Health Service

The Challenge – Starting Point. Each professional located in a Healthcare Center has a limited time to take care of their quota of patients. Each Healthcare Center had a list so that patients could make appointments with their doctor. This process had become unviable because the staff at each center was large and because patients had to go to the Center to request appointments, in most cases, because the phones dedicated to that purpose only allowed for one call at the same time.

The Result – Proposed Solution. To solve this problem, it was proposed to use a Centralized Call Center to support all management that was shared out amongst Centers. To carry out this process, we developed a Diary System that used all the technology needed to support the different cases and to provide information that would connect patients with healthcare professionals.

Pour cela, on a développé un Système d’Agendas pour l’Attention de Rendez-vous préalable, qui est connecté à travers des Services Web avec la gestion d’Attention Primaire du SCS et qui avec sa propre technologie permet de définir conformément aux circonstances particulières de chaque professionnel. Avec cette solution, on centralise tout le processus, pouvant être accédé depuis n’importe quel lieu au système unique.

We have developed a Diary System for Appointment Management, which is connected via Web Services with the Primary Care Management of the Canary Islands Health Service. With this solution the whole process is centralized and can be accessed from anywhere.

Client Benefits

  • Cost Savings.
  • Unique system that can be accessed from anywhere using Internet access.
  • Definition of fully programmable agendas.
  • Management of Support Processes.
  • Support for the Call Center.
  • Related diaries (nursing and physician).