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TETRA Network

Project – RESCAN: Security and Emergency Network of the Canary Islands Government

« Supply and Installation of Digital Mobile Communications Network for Security and Emergency Services »

In 2010 Técnicas Competitivas, S.A. installed and deployed the Digital Mobile Radio Network, based on the TETRA standard for Security and Emergency Services of the Canary Islands Government (RESCAN network) that provides coverage to the seven islands of the Canary Islands archipelago.


The system consists of two central nodes, of more than 70 base stations, a Control Center and a network management system, with the capacity to provide services to more than 7,000 terminals gathered together in more than 500 communication groups. The network is designed to be shared with different regional public organizations related to Public Safety and Emergency services.


Security and Emergency Network of the Canary Islands (RESCAN) aims to provide the Canary Islands Public Authorities with cutting-edge technology in radio communications, enabling them to provide Security and Emergency Services in an effective and secure way.



  • Individual calls.
  • Group calls (fixed or dynamic)
  • Broadcast call.
  • Emergency Call (highest priority)
  • Direct Mode Operation (DMO)
  • Interconnection with external networks.


  • Short Data Service (SDS) and Short Message Service (SMS)
  • AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location)
  • Data base queries (number plates, insurance, etc.)
  • Application Service

Project Beneficiaries


  • Department of Security and Emergency
  • Department of Environment
  • Department of Public Works and Infrastructure
  • Fire-fighting Consortiums

Municipalities :

  • Local Police Department.
  • Civil Protection.
  • Fire Department.
  • Maintenance, construction, etc.

Canary Islands Government :

  • Canary Islands Police Corp.
  • 112 (Emergency Coordination Center)
  • Canary Islands Health Service (Hospitals, Ambulances)
  • General Management of Security and Emergency.


Deployment Time: the territory of the Canaries is dispersed among seven islands with very sharp relief, so it necessary to have a network of 70 base stations to achieve full geographic coverage.

The installation time was 12 months.

Maintenance: 3 years.

USERS: 2,000,000 people (the entire population of the Canary Islands).