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WiMAX Network Project

Supply, Installation and setting up the broadband connections Education Centers’ Network

Investment in acquisition of necessary infrastructure and equipment which allows for the extension of the broadband to public schools and hospitals, thus they make it possible for there to be access to the Information Society services provided by the Civil Service in an area with a very high risk of digital exclusion.

After the success of RESCAN project for the deployment of the Security and Emergency TETRA network of the Canary Islands’ Government, Técnicas Competitivas  competes with a financially competitive and highly qualified proposal, aimed at achieving the best technologies in the market for the deployment of a broadband WiMAX network.

Técnicas Competitivas has been aimed at creating a technological model inside of the Canary Islands  Autonomous Region. This is a successfully instance for the Canary Islands’ Government for the strategic decision-making within the technological framework, and for the companies and professionals that participate in an Innovative Project, not only from the viewpoint of investment in technological infrastructures, but also as a driver platform for the development of different fields’ services such as Education, Health, etc.. 

Value Added

Técnicas Competitivas also provides the staff on every Island, with comprehensive knowledge about the Base Stations Network where the WiMAX Project is supported. These are the factors which make it possible, not only to use a scale economy –and, consequently, to optimize the costs-, but also, to improve the response periods for the installation and maintenance.


  • 25 point-to-point radio links of 50Mbit/s on licensed band in order to connect the Type A centers.
  • Point-to-multipoint network based on WiMAX technology on unlicensed band to connect through base stations all the type B, C and D centers (25 type A, 20 type B, 54 type C and 251, 350 centers altogether).
  • Extension of the emplacement’s cabinet called “Pico de la Gorra”. 
  • Point-to-point radio link “La Matanza – Hospital de La Gomera”.
  • Extension of the transport network in order to support the additional traffic created by the Centers of this project.
  • Maintenance for 2012 to 2015.
  • Installation, supply, and to put the Management Platform into operation.


  • Period of Implantation: 1 year.
  • 2 years of support /guarantee.
  • USERS: 2,000,000 people (the whole Canary Islands’ Autonomous Region population)