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AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location)

Project – Design of an AVL system with GIS support for Municipal Security Corps Tracking from Control Centers.

Client – Council of San Cristóbal de La Laguna / Council of San Bartolomé de Tirajana

The Challenge – Starting Point.

The municipality has a Municipal Police Corps, fitted with communications equipment, both personal and in their mobile units, but when it was necessary to locate them or attend to emergency calls there was no information about which agents or units were available, where they were at the time they were required and which ones were closer to the emergency location.

The response time was increased by not having information about which units to send depending on their location. Furthermore, no information was available about the performances of the units.

The Result – Proposed Solution.

Development of an AVL and GIS system to visualize the location of all units and agents throughout the township. The information update time is configurable and the unambiguous definition of each agent allows us to know the location in real time and provide support for decision-making, facilitating fast intervention in case of emergency.

Client Benefits

  • Technological environment for agents’ management.
  • Mobile unit monitoring.
  • Support for decision making.
  • Efficient use of information for integrated control board.
  • Monitoring of activities in the Control Center.