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PMR (Private Mobile Radio) Networks Interoperating with POC (Push-to-Talk-over-Cellular) Networks


PIPO provides the Security and Emergency agents with the ability to communicate using their own radios devices or turning their mobile phones into Walkie-Talkies.

Today, Security Forces have their own radio communication systems, which in some cases, also connect with firemen and ambulances, but none of them can communicate using the same radio devices with other teams involved in an emergency situation, such as: Civil Protection Volunteers, Private Ambulances, maintenance and support teams, etc. This need becomes more crucial in emergencies, but it is also present in daily activity. Most of these teams do not have a radio system, and if they have it, it does often not support the Security Forces and Emergency communication system. PIPO provides this interconnection regardless of the technology used, and provides these teams with an economic solution using standard mobile phones.

The project objective is to develop a prototype to demonstrate the interconnection of voice calls between multiple users on a PMR network and the use of mobiles with Walkie-Talkie capabilities over public cellular network.

As additional objectives, we have investigated and developed on:

  • A mechanism for voice encryption in the Push-to-Talk domain,
  • Adaptation to provide a Push-to-Talk service using cloud computing,
  • Integration with robust and shipped accessories for an appropriate user experience.


  • Técnicas Competitivas, S.A
  • Genaker (ESI Mobile Solutions, S.L)


This project has been funded by the Avanza Plan, Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce under the National Plan for Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation 2008-2011 and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Duration: 2011-2012. Project Reference: IST-020100-2011-290.