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Remote management systems for public lighting

What is the "Minos" System?

  • The most advanced system for remote public lighting management.
  • A solution that allows optimizing the costs of one of the most important budget items.
  • It can monitor and control each light source, allowing for its remote management.
  • It transforms light posts and their networks into an intelligent infrastructure, capable of integrating and monitoring other public utility services and those dedicated to safety.


  • Energy saving: Saving up to 45% of energy consumption.
  • Transparent maintenance: Provides detailed information about the facilities, allowing planning custom maintenance actions.
  • Environment: Reduces light pollution and helps to reduce harmful gas emissions into the atmosphere (Kyoto Protocol).
  • Safety: Prevents risk conditions produced by the facilities.
  • Quality: Ensures permanent operation of the installation, a good quality of service and a way to reduce complaints.
  • Return on investment: provides a short-term return on investments by generating financial resources.

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