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Copper Theft Detection Systems

Due to the continuous increase in copper prices, the theft of this material has turned into a big problem, currently causing an important impact with serious consequences:

  • It jeopardizes budgets committed to other activities. 
  • Service disruption.
  • Deterioration of road and citizen safety.


To address this circumstance, WireWatch™ has been developed, a patented and certified system to meet the current legal requirements.


What is WireWatch™?

  • It is an advanced and effective monitoring technology, focused on the prevention, detection, alarm and remote management of anomalies in power lines and networks, lighting and other fields of application.
  • In addition to minimizing the economic impact of frequent thefts, WireWatch™ supports the maintenance of highly sensitive services, even those of strategic nature, thus enhancing security in networks.
  • Being superior in capacity and technology to traditional other solutions, WireWatch™ detects breaks in wires (electrical, lighting, irrigation...) and sends a signal to the appropriate receivers (security or maintenance staff, governmental security forces if required by law, etc.).


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