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Project – Development of a Centralized Electronic Health Record System accessible from any healthcare center of the Canary Islands Health Service.

Client – Canary Islands Health Service (Autonomous body under the Regional Ministry of Health of the Canary Islands, which has an organizational structure divided into seven healthcare areas).

The Challenge. Starting Point The geographical dispersion of the Canary Islands and the lack of tools for efficient resource management in healthcare have led our client to find a solution to get the approach of health facilities to patients, the optimization of resources and to provide accurate information for decision making.

The Result. Proposed Solution.

Achieved objectives:

  • Improved accessibility to health services, regardless of location, level and type of care (normal, urgent or at home)
  • Increased operability by focusing on the patient, who demands better healthcare.
  • Provides professionals, personalized attention, organizing its activities and procedures for continual improvement, ensuring full availability of patient health records, tools to support their work and faster access to the results of the diagnostic tests, enabling better decision-making and a longitudinal monitoring of patients.
  • Provides managers of the Canary Islands Health Service tools to manage the activity, the information on morbidity and resource utilization by patients, regardless of the location and level of care needed for epidemiological studies, cost, quality, etc.

Client Benefits

  • Increased patient participation in managing their health.
  • Saving and optimal use of resources.
  • Improving the quality of care.
  • Efficiency in health management processes.